Azaadi Zindabad (2014)

Azaadi Zindabad // Long Live Freedom

80WSE Broadway Windows

at the corner of Broadway and East 10th St

May 10 - June 27, 2014

on view to the public 24/7

Presenting her newest work, Misra delves into sculpture in order to reflect on the 1947 partition of India and Pakistan, as the land was split in the process of independence in order to make the voices of Muslims and Hindus better heard in their “own” nations. Approximately ten million people were displaced from their homes and forced to move across the border into unknown territory. As a result of their frustration and confusion over the mass migration, an estimated one million people were killed in civilian violence. In this work, Misra questions the importance of the Nation over the people it governs, and the way in which issues are metaphorically brushed under the rug in the name of said Nation.